Document Capture and Processing

Capture your documents when you need to

One U.S. law firm with 17 offices saved over $6 million when they adopted an outsourced document processing strategy.

With Ricoh's Document Capture and Processing solution, we take on your high-end document creation and word-processing needs, freeing you from the administrative, personnel and financial issues that come with it.

Minimize overhead, save money

Reduce your in-house staff costs and get some help with document processing

Salaries, benefits and facilities can cost you big, especially in pricier U.S. regions. With Document Capture and Processing,
you can reduce your need for extra staff and outsource your word document processing when it's right for you and your team.

Save on your document needs with this budget-friendly solution, which helps you:

  • Reduce your in-house employee expenses.

  • Take advantage of low-cost labor geographies.

  • Reduce capital expenditures such as computers, real estate or facilities.

  • Increase your efficiency while reducing in-house administrative overhead.

Get the right help, when you need it

Make sure you always have the right resources at the right time to meet legal workloads.

What's more costly than paying full-time personnel? Paying them to just sit there. If you have peaks and valleys in your firm's or company's activity, you run the risk of having to let those employees sit idle — or overloading them when work picks back up again. Either way, you're not fully prepared to meet your clients' needs in a timely fashion.

Don't let document processing issues get in the way of the outcomes you and your team are working toward. Reduce the risk of over- or under-staffing with Document Capture and Processing. Feel confident knowing that you'll always have the resources and support to take care of your clients — anytime you need them, and without adding extra staff to your overhead.

Be where you need to be

Don't let managing staff pull you from your work and clients.

You know the law — but the business side of actually practicing it can be cumbersome, filling your days with pushing paper and managing staff. With Document Capture and Processing, you'll have more time to devote to legal activities while remaining flexible for peak workloads and specialized litigation support.

Get the right people on the job when you need them, without having to handle performance issues, turnover, sick time or vacations. With over 25 years of legal experience and numerous awards, you can depend on us to handle your business — while you handle the law.

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