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Increasing IT Flexibility

IT needs the flexibility to easily adapt to your district’s changing needs, but maintaining servers and fielding help-desk calls provides little time to focus on strategic educational initiatives. Our solutions help free up IT resources that can be used for driving more value-added and innovative projects.

When your IT department is responsible for managing your district's local infrastructure, fewer IT resources are available to meet other important objectives. Maintaining a local infrastructure also reduces IT’s budget for innovative educational programs due to the high costs of leasing and powering servers. With all of this on IT’s plate, a move to the cloud can seem like another burdensome project.

Fortunately, we can tailor a Managed Cloud Services solution to your district's specific needs, helping to onboard IT staff to make the transition easy. Our cloud solutions are highly secured and come with a low-cost, pay-as-you-go structure to simplify scaling up to meet your district’s new growth. We also offer Data Center Services that help to lighten IT’s load, and provide enhanced data security and technical support when and where you need it.

After reducing IT’s responsibility for local infrastructure management, you may find you have enough IT resources available to get started on strategic learning initiatives right away. From introducing one to one computing in every classroom to integrating more robust learning management systems, we can help at every step of the way with our IT Project Services and IT Strategy and Consulting services.

Services & solutions

IT Services for Education

Learn more about how your IT department can drive innovation by freeing up resources to focus on strategic learning initiatives.

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IT Management & Support Services

Empower your school district's IT department to shift its focus to more innovative educational programs and other value-driven strategies.

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RICOH Application Administrator Services

Keep your software applications up to date and running smoothly without taxing your school district's existing resources.

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Empower your staff with data analytics that provide actionable insights, helping you make more informed decisions about educational objectives quickly.

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Cyber Security Services

Help protect your school district's sensitive data with cyber security services and solutions, including anti-malware, encryption and more.

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Our consulting team can help your school district streamline workflows, improve compliance procedures, simplify change management and more.

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