intelligent whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards with cognitive technology revolutionize meeting collaboration 

Make meetings more productive and interactive. 
Today's workers spend a significant portion of their day in meetings, but it's difficult to get everyone engaged, and worse, much of the information discussed during meetings could be lost or forgotten.

With the new Intelligent Workplace Solution, Ricoh’s interactive whiteboards leverage IBM’s Watson Internet of Things (IoT) and cognitive technologies to change the way teams meet and collaborate. This new technology helps reduce lost productivity in meetings and makes it easier for employees to capture and share actions and meeting context. Using meeting attendees' natural voice commands, the Intelligent Workplace Solution makes sure that Watson doesn’t just listen, but is an active meeting participant, helping to guide discussions so teams can make faster, better and more informed decisions. 
meeting in red chairs

Technology becomes an active meeting participant 


Improve how meetings are conducted 

ibm watson whiteboard in use

Features of the new cognitive-enabled whiteboard include:


  • Control meetings with voice commands: Any employee, whether in-person or located remotely, can easily control what’s on the screen, including advancing slides, all through simple voice commands.
  • Translate meetings into another language: The solution can translate speakers’ words into several other languages and display them on screen or in transcript.
  • Document valuable information: Intelligent Workplace Solution captures meeting notes and action items, so discussions, to-dos, decisions and tabled items aren't forgotten.
  • Easily join meetings: With the swipe of a badge the Intelligent Workplace Solution can log attendance and track key agenda items to ensure all key topics are discussed.