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Facilities & Workplace Management Services 

Make the best use of your available real estate. 

Workplace Productivity
With the increasing cost per square foot in office space and the pressure to reduce real estate, it's important to maximize your workspace investment. Our Facilities & Workspace Management services provide the tools and insights you need to better understand how you use your facilities, make workspaces more functional and manage costs. 

Optimize your office space 


Use a quantifiable approach to determine space usage. 

optimized office space
With our proven expertise and insight, we help you make the most of your current facilities. We start with an assessment of your facility, looking for opportunities to optimize workspace, enhance mobility, reduce costs and increase engagement. We address workspace efficiency from every angle – office configuration, lighting, furniture, AV equipment, collaboration technology and more to create a productive atmosphere.

Our ability to track space utilization is a critical piece of the puzzle. Real-time insights into how your meeting rooms are used hourly, daily or even yearly, help our specialists maximize your space and efficiency while minimizing costs. Applying data analytics to the way your facilities operate can lead to uncovering new ROI and added value. 

Increase agility to keep pace with the shifting workforce 


Create a culture of innovation. 

agile workplace
People work differently now. Departmental silos are being broken down. Workers are more collaborative, often gathering in teams to get work done. As a result, office spaces must also adapt for creativity, flexibility and mobility.

As the number of mobile and remote workers continues to grow, increasing the amount of flexible work areas and meeting spaces without adding more real estate is challenging.

Facilities Management & Workplace Management services can convert legacy office layouts into a user-friendly environment – team spaces, huddle rooms, private quiet areas, individual workstations, meeting rooms, large group settings and more, depending on what works best for your operations and your culture. Workers are more productive because their workspace aligns with the way they want to work. 

Enhance teamwork and collaboration 


Avoid the hassle of scheduling and setting up meeting rooms.


As part of our meeting room services, we use leading software like iOffice and partner with Condeco, a leader in workplace technologies, to offer responsive, intuitive web platforms that make it easy to:

  • Schedule rooms.
  • Send invitations.
  • Book rooms on the go using mobile devices.
  • Request catering.
  • Order collaboration tools and AV equipment.
  • See a digital touch-screen display outside every meeting room that shows room status.
  • View the topic, participants, time the room is booked and when it’s scheduled to be available.

Avoid meeting room chaos. With our workplace services, our experts will keep your meetings on track.


A/V and conferencing equipment and services 


Connect people with the technology they need to be more productive. 

av services

Making meetings more productive for all attendees – whether they’re on-site or joining remotely – is critical for efficiency. Our A/V services include dynamic video, audio, web conferencing and unified communications. We develop an audio visual solution – including consultation, design, configuration, system integration, installation and implementation – customized to meet your needs.

Get the technology and AV equipment you need, when and where you need it.

  • Request the equipment through facilities management software.
  • Schedule rooms to be set up and configured quickly by on-site specialists.
  • Leverage our experts’ knowledge to help you determine which tools are best for your meeting.

Give your business the power to connect and collaborate more effectively.


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