RICOH Enhanced Locked Print NX and FlexRelease Server

Protect and print your documents from any device in your organization

Protect your organization’s data while offering flexible printing

Enjoy the benefits of centralized Multifunction Printers while still making provisions for strong document security. RICOH Enhanced Locked Print NX enables secure document release on compatible Ricoh devices and is installed directly onto the MFP without extra hardware or software. The optional FlexRelease Server is ideal for customers looking to implement the solution on a number of Ricoh machines, enabling automation and scalability.


  • Prevent unauthorized access to confidential information, lower costs and reduce your environmental footprint
  • Users can release their print job from any enabled Multifunction Printer
  • Optimized for RICOH Intelligent Devices with the Smart Operation Panel

Security plus efficiency

Documents that aren’t retrieved at time of printing can put confidential information at risk. You can add document security to your printing environment without getting in the way of user convenience. Users simply send print jobs to a device, where they remain stored on the hard disk drive. When ready, the user authenticates by user ID and password or proximity card to release their prints.

Release prints from any Multifunction Printer

What if you print to a printer and find yourself in another part of the building? Users have the ability to approach any enabled Multifunction Printer in the group to collect their print job. Enhanced Locked Print NX lets users securely print from anywhere in the organization — including from remote offices.

Reduce costs and your CO2 footprint

Abandoned and unnecessary output is a missed opportunity to reduce waste, lower costs and lessen your environmental impact. Users can review print jobs on the Multifunction Printer’s touchscreen display and delete any unnecessary jobs before they're printed — and if a print job isn't released, it will be deleted automatically after a predetermined amount of time. This helps reduce paper, toner consumption and energy use.

Make it easy for users

Enhanced Locked Print NX combines seamlessly with the RICOH Card Authentication Package. Instead of the conventional login process, in order to access the Multifunction Printer’s copying, scanning or faxing functions, users can instead give a quick swipe of a proximity card. They can then access their print queue and swipe through thumbnails of their print jobs for easy identification.

Scale with FlexRelease Server

With the optional FlexRelease Server, you can scale Enhanced Locked Print NX across larger print environments and administrators can centrally manage the solution and integrate with the organization’s user directory. The configuration of a single device can be rolled out to a department or to hundreds of Multifunction Printers across the enterprise.

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Enhanced Locked Print NX (Serverless):

Job Auto Deletion

Max Number of Client PC

Supported Clients
Windows® 7,8,10 and Mac® OS X

Practical Number of Devices

Enhanced Locked Print NX FlexRelease Server (ELP-NX FRS):

Server Operating System
Windows® Server 2012 Essentials
Windows® Server 2012 Standard/Datacenter
Windows® Server 2016 Essentials
Windows® Server 2016 Standard/Datacenter

Microsoft® SQL Standard/Express 2012
Microsoft® SQL Standard/Express 2014
Microsoft® SQL Standard/Express 2016
External Microsoft® SQL Database Supported

Authentication Directory
Basic Multifunction Printer authentication, Microsoft® Active Directory or LDAP

Network Authentication
NTLM, Kerberos, LDAP

Virtual Environment
Microsoft® Hyper V, VMWare® ESXi and vMotion™

Practical Number of Devices
1,000 for single FlexRelease Server
*ELP-NX Client must be installed on all devices connecting to FlexRelease Server

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