Laserfiche Rio®

Optimize your enterprise with agile enterprise content management

About Laserfiche Rio content management platform

Laserfiche Rio combines enterprise content management (ECM) functionality with powerful business process management (BPM), security and auditing tools.

Laserfiche enterprise content management software guides organizations to a higher state of productivity, seamlessly connecting imaging with document and records management to manage all enterprise content.


  • Offer individual departments, offices and business units the flexibility to customize their own business process management workflows
  • Extend business processes to the point of capture with mobile applications
  • Eliminate silos and make content accessible to multiple systems, departments and staff members

An easy-to-implement enterprise content management solution

With a fundamental design structure engineered to meet the needs of your IT department, the Laserfiche Rio content management solution is easy to purchase, easy to deploy, and easy to support and extend.

Maximize agility

With unique features including unlimited servers and repositories, workflow capture and transparent records management, Laserfiche Rio is the ideal choice to maximize your information agility.

The Laserfiche Rio enterprise content management system includes:

  • Unlimited Laserfiche content servers that provide document imaging, document management and records management functionality as part of the core architecture.
  • A feature-rich web interface that does not require software to be installed, maintained or updated at the workstation level.
  • Mobile applications that enable you to capture, upload and work with documents while on the go.
  • The Laserfiche Workflow System, which automates business processes in high-volume transactional environments. Built-in auditing for security and compliance.
  • Production-level document capture and processing to automate document identification, indexing, classification and filing.
  • Electronic forms solution to eliminate paper and ensure that the right party takes the appropriate action.
  • An optional Records Management Edition with security, auditing and reporting capabilities.
  • Fully customizable, read-only public web portals with unlimited public licensing (optional).
  • Software development kit (SDK) that includes COM, .NET and Java libraries (optional).

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