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electronic devices

RICOH Electronic Devices

A leading global manufacturer of Power Management ICs  with over thirty-five years of experience in the design, manufacture and sales of semiconductors, RICOH Electronic Devices supports customers' design of innovative products for new applications using the latest technologies in automotive, consumer, medical and industrial sectors worldwide.

Power Management ICs

Ricoh offers an innovative selection of CMOS power management ICs including Voltage Regulators, DC/DC Converters, Supervisory ICs, Power Switch ICs, LED Drivers and advanced single chip PMU ICs. Our high-performance analog ICs feature high efficiency, low consumption current in a small package for power management applications in the automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

Multi Channel PMCI

Multi-Channel Power Management ICs 

Ricoh offers dual/triple-channel and multi-channel PMU ICs that integrate multiple LDO Regulators and/or DC/DC Converters, Supervisory functions and a WatchDog Timer in a single chip. These advanced power management ICs offer a perfect solution for applications requiring accurate control functions in a space constraint design.


Li-Ion Battery Management ICs

Ricoh has a wide product portfolio of 1-cell protection ICs for smartphones and tablets, 2-cell protection ICs for DSLR and portable DVD players, multi-cell protection ICs for electrical power tools and E-bike and second protection ICs for notebook PCs and electrical power tools.


Real Time Clock ICs

Ricoh offers a varied lineup of Real Time Clock ICs with 2-wire (I2C), 3-wire and 4-wire (SPI) serial communication interfaces. Key functions include clock deviation compensation for accurate time/date information, back-up battery switch-over circuit, integrated crystal unit and low power consumption. 


Contact Information 

Ricoh Americas Holdings, Inc. 
675 Campbell Technology Parkway, Suite 200 Campbell, CA 95008 
Phone: 408-610-3105  
Email: edd@ricoh-usa.com