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Payer Provider Payment Solution for Healthcare

Improve cash flow, speed approvals, and empower remote work.

What is a Payer Provider?

Healthcare payers are those organizations that include health insurance companies, Medicaid, Medicare, and others that pay patient claims to healthcare providers, in addition to setting rates and collecting patient payments.

A Payer Provider Payment solution streamlines healthcare claims processing through automation to increase the speed of payment for services provided. In our world today, it also enables employees to work remotely by eliminating traditional paper-based processes.

Reduce your backlog to 2 days

By removing common bottlenecks and disconnects in the flow of patient claims processing, your productivity will soar. Our payer provider payment solution helps you in three basic steps:

  1. Centralized digitization of documents, reducing local scanning by 90%.

  2. Workflows index, route, and move documents through a 95% automated process.

  3. Linking your EHR and ECM with HL7 integration, for frictionless data flow and increased transparency.

Improve cash flow

Automated data extraction and indexing help to eliminate the traditional time-intensive step of keyed data entry, reducing the chancTimely approvals, accurate data entry, and insights-driven by data analysis translate into better cash flow. You’ll decrease time-to-payment by:

  • Capturing information from all correspondence from your multiple document sources.

  • Matching the information to the patients’ electronic health record (EHR) via Machine Learning.

  • Using an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to increase the speed of workflows (approvals, denials, appeals, collections, etc…).

  • Collecting data that you can turn into actionable insight.e of human error and enabling you to spend more time focusing on patients instead of handling paperwork. Data entry becomes data validation, increasing the speed of document and data intake for faster processing and better patient care.

Cut through the challenges of insurance correspondence handling

Managing healthcare information and patient claims has never been easy. The necessary shift to remote work for employee safety only complicated matters. Fortunately, automation makes it possible to simplify both.

Save time and enjoy higher operating margins

Automated patient information matching minimizes manual work and potential errors, increasing employee productivity and the speed by which you process claims. You and your team will find:

  • Authorization handling becomes more efficient and accurate.

  • Procedure approvals get done faster.

  • Claim resolution completes in days rather than weeks.

  • Automated reporting makes auditing and compliance simpler.

Choose the best payer provider solution for your business

Does your organization need foundational capture and indexing or a more comprehensive solution with integration? You can find the solution that meets your needs today and can grow with your organization tomorrow with Base, Standard, and Enterprise plans.

Speak with a Ricoh representative to get started.

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