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Compliance and security are core to any financial services operation. Ricoh offers expertise in taking control of data and better managing risk.

Risk mitigation is a top priority for every financial services organization. Risk comes in many forms: Fast-evolving threats to data security. Strict requirements for data storage and retention. And, ongoing pressures to manage risks while reducing spend.

Reducing risk starts with increasing knowledge. By gaining detailed insights into your current information environment, you position your organization for better audit performance, greater success in preventing and thwarting cyber threats, and a more efficient litigation response.

In addition to custom consulting services, Ricoh offers industry-leading eDiscovery Services for automating data collection and analysis. Through our File Analysis Services, we help you get a handle on potential risks lurking in your information repositories before they turn into costly issues for your financial institution.

Ricoh also helps you in keeping some of your non-financial assets safe. Our Digital Rights Management capabilities help you safeguard your intellectual property, while our Cyber Security Services can guide you in assessing and addressing vulnerabilities in your system and data security.

Services & solutions

  • eDiscovery Services

    Pending investigation, litigation, due diligence or other eDiscovery demand? Count on Ricoh.                                                                                                                 

  • File Analysis Services

    Dive into your file repositories to understand and address litigation risks and compliance issues.                                                                                                 

  • Digital Rights Management

    Identify and safeguard your most important information assets: intellectual property, trade secrets, classified documents and personally identifiable information (PII).

  • Cyber Security Services

    Get expert help assessing your risks and implementing appropriate protections.                

  • Consulting

    Get fresh perspectives, expert insights and tailored recommendations for improving how you manage risk.

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