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Process automation solutions to drive business growth

Gain a competitive edge as productivity fuels profit when you focus on your core business by leveraging today’s technology to automate your essential business processes.

Why let legacy processes and manual workflows hold you back? Technology makes it possible to streamline how your business completes essential tasks – whether through implementation of dynamic applications and cloud solutions or outsourced workloads.

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Intelligent Business PlatformSM Services

Ricoh's Intelligent Business Platform is an ecosystem of cloud-based services that converts data into highly valuable insights, workflows and documents.


Process Automation Solutions


Process Automation Solutions

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Make business forms a valuable profit contributor


Reduce the cost and time of paperwork with forms management

Maybe you can’t escape the legal documents, AR/AP, and other forms that drive your business, but you can make them work for you. Get more value from business forms by digitizing, integrating, and automating their workflows, storage, and retrieval.

Transform how you manage, store, and access documents

Empower your employees with enterprise document management

Automating document workflows and storing documents digitally increases access and improves how your people work, collaborate, and succeed. By removing cumbersome tasks associated with paper processes, your business can reach new levels of productivity.
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Focus on your core competency, not pushing paper

Leverage the efficiency of outsourced AP/AR processing

AP/AR processing consumes time, labor, and resources. With a full range of AP/AR process management services, we can support your current team or remove the burden from your staff as a partner for faster processing and anytime, anywhere access to your data.

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Recommended for you

Solutions for a host of business needs.

Process automation can improve efficiencies and reduce costs, but we know you may face other business challenges. Here are other ways we’ve helped customers achieve new levels of efficiency and cost savings to promote growth and deliver an amazing employee and customer experience.

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