meeting room services

Meeting Room Services

Maximize usage, efficiency and collaboration.

Workplace Productivity

Meetings are a critical part of everyday business, and you and your team spend a significant portion of the workweek in them. That’s why it’s critical that they be productive. When time and resources are wasted on tasks like trying to schedule meetings, booking rooms, dealing with equipment problems or scheduling last-minute catering, your productivity comes to a halt. Ensure that your meetings run smoother, maximize your space and reduce administration time with our fully-integrated solution.


Meeting scheduling and planning


Maximize usage, efficiency and collaboration.

meeting room scheduling

Remove the burden of preparing for meetings. We use leading meeting software like Condeco and iOffice® that makes it easy to:

  • Book rooms, schedule meetings, send invitations and track confirmations.
  • Schedule remotely with mobile booking.
  • Order technology, A/V equipment and collaboration tools.
  • Arrange for rooms to be set up prior to the meeting.
  • Request catering.
  • Book meeting rooms outside the door with touch-screen displays that show availability and status.

Give your meeting spaces purpose


Cultivate an environment for sharing ideas, innovating and collaborative thinking.

meeting room with purpose

Meeting room design is an important component of workplace productivity. Scheduling mishaps, double booking, and poor audio/visual quality can all impact a meeting’s success or failure. Our end-to-end Meeting Room services include:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Configuration
  • Implementation
  • Installation

Our expertise is designing meeting spaces for flexibility, convenience, comfort and productive work. We consider everything from room configuration to the A/V needs for any size room. Audio that is calibrated to be clear and audible even in crowded environments. Video that is crisp and properly sized for the content being viewed and device size. A well-planned and well-executed meeting room setup can go a long way in helping you be more productive.


Get the most from your meeting rooms


Maximize your space while helping to your minimize costs.

minimize cost

As part of our solution, you gain detailed reporting into meeting room usage reported hourly, daily or even yearly. Are some spaces being booked more often, while others sit empty? Understanding how your meeting rooms are being used, you are able to make informed choices about space utilization. Real-time insights could reveal that some spaces are not needed for meetings, which could help cut overhead costs.

We provide the intelligence you need to adapt to changing usage patterns and create an agile work environment. With greater control over your meeting facilities, you can enhance the value they bring to your operations.


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