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RICOH Service Advantage

Leverage our global infrastructure to your competitive advantage.
Business is booming and you're ready to grow your company and expand into new markets, but you're concerned about the growing pains of business expansion. You don't just need great product innovation; you need the resources to deliver exceptional service and support for your products. RICOH Service Advantage allows organizations like yours to leverage our resources to deliver exceptional service to your customers, without the upfront capital costs required to expand your own service organization.
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We focus on your success


We deliver tailored, actionable and pragmatic operational offerings.

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In today's digital workplace, the last thing you want to do is provide poor customer service. But when your employees' time is stretched too thin, it can be difficult to be proactive.

Partner with us and gain access to our more than 80 years of professional field services experience. Service Advantage provides a scalable and flexible service support infrastructure for companies of all sizes and stages of growth.

Our consultative approach helps you discover the best allocation of your resources and how to support your program execution. You can leverage our expertly trained, professional staff and gain access to a wide variety of services — including distribution, training, financing, consulting, installation, maintenance and infrastructure support. Service Advantage allows us to compliment and empower your existing capabilities.

Create a clear path for growth


Our scalable architecture is flexible to fit in any customer environment.

You don't have to forge new partnerships and face the unknown. We have demonstrated expertise in several emerging technologies and industries. Advancements in robotics and automation continue to improve efficiencies throughout the supply chain, intelligent commerce is changing the way companies interact with their consumer, and additive manufacturing/3D printing is quickly becoming a part of many businesses' growth strategy.

It takes growing companies time, resources and investment to set up distribution or support infrastructures in new markets or adopt new technologies. Avoid these upfront expenditures by accessing our existing infrastructure as a service. Whether you are already a global leader, a newly funded startup, or a portfolio manager looking for accelerated operational scale, Service Advantage is your partner of choice.
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Accelerate your growth


Our global reach can streamline your approach to new markets.

194 countries and territories around the world

In order to effectively expand into new markets, you need to scale your operations rapidly while adhering to new compliance and governance requirements.

Count on us to help you navigate these emerging markets. We have a global network that extends into more than 194 countries and territories around the world. Wherever you need to go, we're familiar with the local languages and customs.

With Service Advantage, you benefit from:

  • Vendor and OEM relationships that extend across all industries.
  • The ability to enter new markets without the large capital expense.
  • ISO 27001 standard for information security achieved worldwide.
  • 25,000 technicians that maintain advanced certifications including A+, New+, MCSE and Mobility+.
  • A shorter road to profit.

Our mission is your mission


We provide service innovation that is the right fit for your business.


Service Advantage isn't an all-or-nothing service offering. Instead, we are your trusted partner. Our expert team will bring you creative strategies and solutions for solving your most complex problems and help you get your business where it needs to go. We help organizations identify, build, and sustain the capabilities they need to improve customer satisfaction, retention and growth. Whether it’s executing on your current plan or creating a new growth strategy, we’re a fully-aligned partner helping you achieve your profitability and growth targets.


We are currently developing innovative offerings in the areas of:

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