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Whitepaper: Trends in supporting and scaling modern automation

See how automation and robotics companies are scaling operations through service lifecycle management.

Make Service Lifecycle Management your advantage

Whitepaper cover: Trends in Supporting and Scaling Modern Automation

Covid-19 accelerated the demand for industrial automation. The trend toward automation in manufacturing and distribution had begun years ago, but the pandemic took a trend and transformed it into an immediate need.

Further, it quickly moved the Commercial Service Robots beyond the traditional heavy manufacturing uses into the "light commercial" space. 

With this expansion of demand have come major challenges. One of the biggest is Service Lifecycle Management.

In this whitepaper, “Trends in supporting and scaling modern automation,” we discuss:

  • The tension between resources needed for installation, service and maintenance and development and sales.
  • How to apply data and analytics to evaluate productivity gains.
  • Ways to scale operations and remain customer centric.
  • The impact of maintenance on ROI.
  • How to ensure a continuous, skilled, and proficient technical team
  • The potential and current reality of “robot-in-a-box” models.
  • The strategic value of partnerships for Service Lifecycle Management. 

The opportunities facing automation and robotics suppliers are expansive, but the challenges that come with scaling for demand over the next decade are manifold.

from: Trends in supporting and scaling modern automation

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