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RICOH Ink Savvy

Reduce ink usage and cost for RICOH Pro VC40000 and Pro VC60000 continuous feed systems

By reducing ink consumption, you can improve profitability, lower costs to be more price competitive and finish jobs quicker. A Ricoh color management expert gathers data, taking into account environmental conditions, media, print speeds and output resolution. Our engineers create a customized ICC profile that optimizes ink utilization for a specific media and printer. You pay a low one-time fee per profile instead of installing and maintaining software.

Choose an ink-saving level to save up to 30%

Test and validate ICC profiles to confirm print and image quality.

With gray component replacement (GCR), parts of cyan, magenta and yellow are replaced with black ink without degrading image quality. Support for PDF, PostScript and Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) workflows eliminates manual file manipulation.

Full color print samples.

Implement a cost-effective production print strategy

Modify estimates in the Ink Estimation tool for competitive or cost reasons.

Ink Savvy works with the color management tools built into the Pro VC40000 and Pro VC60000, and it leverages their advanced halftone screening and variable drop size technologies. Improve profit margins while speeding job drying and post-processing.

Print samples done with the Ink Savvy color profile.

Spend less time resolving quality concerns

Enhance image quality with the intelligent GCR process.

Some customers may perceive color mismatches under lighting conditions that vary from the industry-standard D50 lighting. Ink Savvy minimizes the likelihood of this happening by improving neutral gray balance, shadow details and color gamut matching.

Ricoh VC60000 printer.

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