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Augmented Reality Print

Improve response rates while you lower reprinting and republishing costs using an interactive, integrated marketing strategy.
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Transform static printed materials into an interactive, cross-media experience with our Clickable PaperTM Cloud service, which includes an authoring tool, a cloud server and mobile app. Prompt users to act immediately on offers embedded in books, magazines, welcome kits, catalogs, direct mail, statements, posters, brochures and more — without editing or reformatting source materials. With Augmented Reality Print, you can monitor campaign results on a dashboard and modify offers to improve results.

Differentiate your cross-media marketing campaigns

Integrate your brand experience across channels.

Bridge the print and digital worlds with Clickable PaperTM. You simply add invisible hotspots to existing or new PDFs. When clicked, the hotspots provide instant access to websites, maps, coupons, assignments, videos, social media and more.

Reduce republishing costs with interactive PDF designs

Spend less time preparing, reprinting, storing and distributing materials.

Extend the life of your printed materials. With interactive magazines, textbooks, etc., you don't have to print time-sensitive information that goes out-of-date quickly. Instead, link readers to an online location to view any changing details.

Improve results and ROI with interactive marketing

Modify or switch campaigns, strategies, tactics and offers on-the-fly.

Create, view and manage Clickable PaperTM activity via a dashboard. These analytics allow quick, effective reaction to responses. Private URLs engage app users who can share comments on social media and revisit images on which they previously clicked.

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