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Managed Security Services

Protect, monitor, and insure yourself against today’s most aggressive cyber threats


Experience peace of mind with 24/7 managed threat protection and remediation

Malware. Ransomware. Phishing. These and other sophisticated cyberattacks can cause downtime, data loss, and lost revenue. The challenge is keeping all endpoints and network assets secured against these threats.

With our managed security service, we guard you 24/7. Our advanced cybersecurity tools monitor your network and endpoints, keeping them secure and ensuring a quick response against any suspicious activity.
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Be prepared with advanced cyber threat protection

Cybersecurity begins with monitoring network assets including your firewall, IPS/IDS, servers, databases, routers, and more. Our IT services management features 24/7 monitoring, threat assessment and remediation to meet your business’s cyber security and compliance requirements.
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Reduce your endpoint risk

Endpoints including your company’s PCs, mobile devices, printers, and other connected devices introduce risk from malware, viruses, and ransomware to list a few common cyber threats. Our endpoint protection, detection, and response includes:

  • Securing your endpoints with 24/7 monitoring and protection against potential threats, even when devices are disconnected from your network
  • Responding to suspicious activity when detected to prevent loss
  • Using advanced cyber technologies for comprehensive endpoint protection
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Protect yourself against vendor breaches

In our interconnected digital world, securing your network and endpoints isn’t enough. A data breach at one of your vendors can also result in your business data – or worse, your customer data – being exposed.

To keep your data as secured and protected as possible, we monitor vendors that you designate across thousands of proprietary and public breach reports with our Third-Party Monitoring service. This external monitoring adds another layer of cybersecurity to limit the risk of exposure of your data and credentials.

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Stay one step ahead with proactive monitoring of the dark web

External cyber-attacks, internal threats, and even casual accidents can compromise your login, credentials, and data. To reduce your security risks due to lost or stolen credentials, we monitor the dark web.

Through continual scanning of billions of records and files, we constantly monitor to see if any of your vital business information and data have been potentially exposed. Should our scans find anything, we will alert you, so you can take immediate preventative action to limit further exposure.

Protect your business with cyber liability insurance

For eligible customers, cyber liability insurance up to $250K with a $0 deductible offers an additional layer of business protection. Claims can be submitted 24/7 on our hotline staffed by security experts.

As our customer, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

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