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IoT Command Center™

Elevate device performance with the IoT Command Center

Empower productivity

Reduce demand for IT Helpdesk calls, service, and tech deployment, with centralized administration from anywhere in the world.

Gain instant insights

Rich visualization tools, pre-built reporting, and flexible dashboards provide immediate insights to guide optimization efforts with data-driven decision-making.

Lower operating costs

Increased uptime, data-driven optimizations, and consolidated software licensing fees help to manage and reduce device costs.

Increase adoption of business automation

IoT device management encourages adoption of automated workflows and digitization efforts across the enterprise.

Boost device availability and uptime

Remote management and real-time performance visibility supports device health and problem detection and resolution.

Harness the full potential of your IoT devices


Sync the IoT Command Center to any device seamlessly.


Customizable dashboard views show device health and performance in real-time.


Get real-time alerts for urgent issues, device status updates, and preventative maintenance.


Configure, update, and troubleshoot from anywhere with remote management capabilities.


Pre-program actions for corrective action, lifecycle updates, application self-runs, and more.


Set up automated recovery steps and reporting for self-healing and for deeper insight into the issue.

Scale faster, more simply with an IoT platform

Optimize technology use and resources

As a fully managed SaaS IoT platform for business, your organization gets the latest technology without a need for on-premises hardware, software, or dedicated resources. Regular application updates together with the latest security protocols deliver a cutting-edge and secured platform.

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Customize and integrate easier

Collect data from your current fleet of print devices, of any manufacture, and business systems for enhanced analytics. Customize dashboard views, track the most relevant KPIs, create custom remote and automated recovery actions, and more with this all-in-one device agnostic platform.

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Maximize uptime with predictive maintenance

Centralized device management streamlines asset tracking and monitoring while performance monitoring and automated notifications reduce unexpected failures and minimize repeat service calls. Real-time device insights and alerts of connected devices enable proactive maintenance and budget planning.

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Maximize the value of your connected IoT print devices.

IoT insights

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