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Webinar: Work better, faster and deliver with automation

How to support a more flexible, productive and modern work environment

Learn how automation can transform your business

Watch the webinar to learn more, then connect with a Ricoh representative for a personal demo.
Whether employees are working remote, in the office or a combination of both, it can be challenging to maintain critical business processes, especially for those businesses still relying entirely on paper documents and manual workflows.
Leveraging digital workflows and automation allows businesses to support a flexible, productive and modern work environment, ensuring critical business processes continue running smoothly and efficiently even as work styles evolve.

In this webinar, we will show you:

  • Why paper-based processes are holding you back now that work styles have changed
  • How to leverage digital workflows and automation to help employees work effectively from anywhere
  • A first-hand look at how DocuWare can simplify and streamline critical workflow processes

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