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Webinar: Return Employees to your Workplace with Confidence

Return Employees to your Workplace with Confidence Webinar

On Demand Webinar

Employees and office visitors want to feel confident walking into your office as we return to the workplace. Inspiring this confidence likely demands new space and visitor management protocols. Fortunately, you can significantly reduce the challenge of implementing and managing them.

In this webinar, we share how you can simplify the effort of creating a safe workplace that gives your employees and visitors confidence. We will cover strategies to maximize space and achieve required social distancing; practical visitor protocols; and, how to track and manage space usage.

You will also see:

  • Best practices for returning employees to the workplace safely
  • A dynamic social distancing tool
  • Mobile applications that allow employees to use shared technology without having to touch screens
  • Compliance practices so employees and visitors will feel comfortable
  • How we are planning for the future with our customers

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