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Protecting your business by planning for disaster recovery  

On-demand Webinar: Keeping disaster recovery a priority during tough economic times

Streamline your planning for disaster recovery

We never expect a disaster will happen to us or our businesses. And that’s what makes disasters so disastrous. They’re unplanned and unexpected.

To protect your business and ensure continuity, planning for disaster recovery is a must. Most businesses know this but, ironically, disasters can make it tough. For example, per Gartner, disaster recovery budgets were expected to increase in 2020. The year’s unexpected fiscal challenges, however, has made many DR plans budget-cutting targets.

As 2020 has revealed, disaster comes in many forms and businesses need to be prepared. Fortunately, today's cloud technologies and solutions like disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) present budget-friendly ways a business can address financial needs and still protect itself.

In our webinar Keeping Disaster Recovery a Priority During Tough Economic Times, we discussed DRaaS and more, including:

  • Why business continuity is even more important in a tough economy;
  • How to optimize disaster recovery spend without overexposing the business to risk; and,
  • Strategies for frequent and effective testing of your DR plan and technology.

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