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Webinar: Online Forms for Employee Safety in the New World of Work

How to create a touchless process for health screenings and records management

Webinar on demand

Learn how online forms and digital workflows can help

Businesses need to implement new safety protocols to reopen, like health screenings and record management. Detailed records of both employees and visitors who enter and exit the building must be collected and maintained.

Traditional paper and pen create unnecessary contact points. They also lack the security needed for the new level of personal information businesses must collect. Businesses need a more secured and efficient way to manage and store this data.

Join us as we share how online forms streamline the process and make it easier to gather important information and retain detailed, searchable, and secured records.

In this webinar, Ricoh and DocuWare will show:

  • The immense value of digital processes in today’s work environment
  • How to use online forms and digital workflows to make your health screening process safe and more efficient
  • How a DocuWare solution works via an in-depth look at its online forms and automated workflows

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