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How to cut document review
costs and save millions 

Learn how in the eBook:
An Insider’s Guide to Saving Millions on Document Review
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This was the best experience we have ever had with outsourced review.

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Internal document review as part of eDiscovery strains almost all organizations. It takes time and resources away from core business processes. When document production faces more than 15 million documents and must be completed in less than 4 weeks, the task becomes herculean.

That was exactly the situation faced by the law firm featured in our eBook, An Insider’s Guide to Saving Millions on Document Review. Turning to our eDiscovery team, we were able to:

  • Reduce the number of documents for final review by 95%
  • Avoid the immense costs of a linear review
  • Complete the entire document review in 19 days

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