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Information Governance for Lawyers: Managing Information as the Critical First Step to All Legal Matters.

And how to quickly create a cost-effective program. 

Discover the benefits for lawyers

Information governance saves time and lowers costs.

Information governance policies do more than potentially save organizations millions in fines and/or penalties for data breaches.

A well-structured information governance program also:

  • Reduces the efforts of legal teams for readiness.
  • Eliminates “old” information from potential discovery.
  • Creates savings through more efficient search and recall. 

We explore these benefits and more including ECA (early case assessment) and ROT (redundant, outdated, trivial) in our information governance ebook, “Information Governance for Lawyers: Managing information as the crucial first step in all legal matters.”


Download the ebook now for a quick snapshot of the benefits of information governance for lawyers – and how to get started quickly and simply.



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