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Infographic: Balancing the new reality of hybrid work

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It’s probably fair to say that many companies arrived at a hybrid working model by a path they never imagined.
Cloud computing, digital technologies and the growth of as-a-service and business services offerings had for a long time been changing how we work. Many companies had developed digital transformation plans, at least to some degree. 
The pandemic changed that reality overnight.
Now, a hybrid working model is the reality for a large percentage of businesses.
IDG, on behalf of Ricoh, surveyed employees in a variety of businesses on the challenges they face in this new reality. This infographic shares what they uncovered.
(For further insight, you can also read a new report by Gartner® on the Future of Work. You can also watch this video to see the technologies at work making the hybrid workplace efficient and practical.)
Hybrid work model - Ricoh ebook infographic

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