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How to initiate an Information Governance program in 5 Steps

Streamline and protect information to create measurable ROI with this information governance plan

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Cover of Guide: How to Initiate an Information Governance Program in 5 Steps
All information is not created equal.
Some are critical, while much are not. Some should have clear chain-of-custody accountability, while less important information should be controlled to prevent excessive redundancy and unnecessary consumption of your data storage, digital and paper.
An information governance program implements policies and practices that address these needs. The challenge for many organizations is knowing where to start and how to ensure success across the entire course of the effort.
To help, we’ve created this guide, “How to initiate an Information Governance program in 5 Steps.” It outlines five simple steps you can take to get started. You’ll also:
  • Discover the cost savings that can fund the entire Infogov program.
  • Understand the value of a Maturity Assessment.
  • See how to eliminate R-O-T.
  • Learn the simplest way to determine KPIs.
  • Find out where you should start.

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