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Infographic: Tools for Remote Teams

Engaging your team in the era of remote work

Managing your employees comes with the complex challenge of keeping everyone aligned despite the new way teams are operating. To keep your fully or partially remote teams moving efficiently, they need the right tools and resources that help to cut down on time-consuming processes and provide access to the right information when and where they need it most.

It is predicted that 73% of all teams will have remote workers in the next decade.[1] Is your business primed to support this new dynamic workforce?



of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.2

Managing Documents


of office workers cited the need for a dependable, unified search platform that would help them do their jobs better.3

Productivity and Engagement


of employees say it’s time-consuming and challenging to find the documents they need.4

Simplified Solutions

As the workforce continues to shift towards a "work from anywhere on any device" model, businesses need proven cloud service solutions. A balance of effective collaboration tools, document management solutions, and cloud-based services is what your team needs now to stay empowered and engaged.

The Tools You Need

Engaging Remote Workers with Collaboration

When team members are not all working under one roof, collaboration and communication tools are top priority. Here’s what you need to keep information - and revenue - flowing:

Cloud Based Access

Anytime secured access to organizational data

Complete Access

Enterprise platform enables effective intra-organization communication and collaboration: email, instant messaging, online meetings, and personal cloud file sharing.


Simplified, turn-key solution means increased user adoption

Microsoft 365 and Teams

Designed to fit the specific needs of your business, Microsoft 365 combines best-in-class productivity apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security in one connected experience.

Microsoft 365 users now make up over half of the 81% of total organizations who have made the shift to cloud services.6

Microsoft 365 subscriptions that have been shown to bring a positive ROI within 13 months of investment.7

As part of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams easily connects your entire team - enabling video conferencing, screen-sharing, file sharing, and chat capabilities.

75 million

active users on Teams as of April 2020.8

2/3 of Teams users

are also interacting with or collaborating with files inside the app.9

Keep Information Flowing with Document Management

Document issues account for more than 21% of daily productivity loss.10

Document Storage and Retrieval with DocuWare

Tackling content sprawl is easier said than done, especially with a remote team. With DocuWare services, you'll gain a scalable, secured, and seamless integration with existing business applications and help facilitate easier and faster access to the information your team needs.

Document management software can result in a 40% document related cost reduction.11

Using document management solutions allow companies to reduce errors by up to 30%.12

Document Workflow and Data Availability

Smart Integration Solutions

Leverage the power of your multifunction printer in more ways than one. With Ricoh’s Smart Integration Solutions, your employees can quickly route your documents to the right place, in the right format and with the right file name and experience simplified printing from smartphones and tablets.

By implementing automation for certain tasks like scanning, email, downloads, and organizing files, companies can improve employee satisfaction. In fact, 89% of employees believe that automation has made them more efficient at work.13

Convert your physical documents to digital and scan directly to cloud storage.

No matter if your workforce is remote, back in the office, or somewhere in between, provide them with the necessary tools to feel empowered and engaged. Transform your challenges into opportunities – so your business can continue to thrive and grow.

Learn more about customized data and document security solutions in our four-step checklist.

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