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The value of the eDiscovery reference model

by Seth Magaw


Learn how eDiscovery reference model can help your firm

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The current legal climate is changing.

Law firms are looking to improve their electronic discovery and workflows with technology solutions designed for litigation, efficient document and case management, cost reduction and widespread access to information.

I was recently interviewed about EDRM1 (eDiscovery Reference Model) regarding trends in legal technology and how Ricoh’s implementation of EDRM models and standards can help legal professionals address the challenges they face.

EDRM encompasses not just a model, but a variety of resources, with their own uses and benefits. For example, the EDRM model can be used for training your employees in information governance to help them develop multi-pronged information management with the requirements of their organization, regulators, clients and other stakeholders in mind.

Resources such as EDRM budget calculators can help you predict for and contain eDiscovery costs. Ricoh uses EDRM data sets to support our quality assurance and quality control for workflows and technology validation.

Overall, the EDRM framework enables Ricoh to provide proper counsel to its customers on how data is preserved, collected and used in the future.

EDRM resources enable technologies that can help your firm truly understand how data is preserved, collected and will be used. In turn, we use this platform to approach our legal clients individually with the objective of understanding their specific needs and the goals of individual cases.

EDRM allows us to act as a true partner in litigation support as legal professionals improve their business processes and rise to the level of providing the robust counsel for which this industry is known.

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1 "EDRM Participant Profile: Seth Magaw of Ricoh Americas Corporation." July 23, 2015.
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