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See how easy paperless can be

Webinar: “4 Paperless, Digital Processes for Multiple Office & Remote Employees Information Access”

Tired of the frustration and time lost tracking down documents? In this short 20-minute on-demand DocuWare webinar, you’ll see how document workflows can be as simple as open, click, and submit.


And it doesn’t matter whether you’re working with PDFs, image files, scanned documents, Word®, or any of 300 other electronic document types. With DocuWare, you can pull them together and store or send them through a simple, trackable process. 


In this webinar, you’ll also see: 

See how easy paperless can be

  • Workflows completed in only a few clicks
  • How you can end the frustration of misplaced or lost documents
  • A user-friendly interface designed for quick learning and faster adoption
  • Automated, intelligent indexing that saves time
  • Simple, but advanced, integrations that eliminate typical multi-step processes
  • How to Protect your data as you Manage document workflows and Connect office and remote employees

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