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Planning for a Safe Return to the Office

Ready to return to the office?

It’s a new world of work. Offices have been vacant for weeks as much of the world shifted seemingly overnight to a work from home environment. Now, to ensure a safe return to the office, new policies will need to be implemented that address our work spaces and how we interact with our colleagues.

This informative presentation hosted live by Ricoh Canada on May 21, 2020, offers practical guidance and safety tips on planning a safe return to the office.

The office will need to look and operate differently. Capacity planning, physical distancing, contact tracing, and touchless interactions are now in the forefront of office planning to allow for a safe return to the office. Here's a quick checklist to get you started.

   1. Screening


  • Policy on health requirements to enter the building
  • Temperature screening for employees and visitors
  • Document visitors travel
  • Travel restrictions
  • Building entry policies/protocols

   2. Personal Protective Equipment


  • Invest in products
  • Create stations for supplies
  • Policy/guidelines on use of masks, gloves, face shields, etc.

   3. Hygiene


  • Touchless hand washing
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers
  • Increased cleaning schedule
  • Enable a touchless work environment
  • Safety signage
  • Limit congregation in shared areas
  • Plan to manage indoor air quality
  • Clean desk policy

   4. Physical Distancing


  • Set guidelines for floor capacity
  • Contact tracing
  • Set meeting room capacity
  • Increase space between seating
  • Build physical/natural barriers
  • Schedule in office days
  • Elevator guidelines
  • Staggered shift schedule
  • Engineer common areas
  • Manage foot traffic

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