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Ricoh's Glenn Laverty discusses our partner go-to-market strategy

​with Channel E2E’s Joe Panettieri
Over the last several years, Ricoh has been hard at work evolving and expanding its go-to-market strategy. As a result, we have undergone significant change — growing from a company with a core, legacy business selling printers and other hardware — to a company that has redefined its digital transformation strategy to being "services-led." In this 22 minute podcast, Glenn Laverty, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Ricoh Americas and President and CEO, Ricoh Canada, discusses Ricoh's 2017 business evolution, the opportunities that lie ahead in 2018 and our new go-to-market strategy.

According to Laverty,"big transformations like this are a big journey."

2017 Business Evolution

According to Laverty, "big transformations like this are a big journey." The previous year of change began with Laverty evaluating where Ricoh stood in the marketplace. He recognized significant growth opportunities for both Ricoh and our partners. Specifically, he saw ample opportunity to bring better and more comprehensive services to our partners' customers.

Opportunities in 2018

Future opportunities center around one main idea — how to grow your business. According to Laverty, the goal is to move our brand legacy, where we have always been known, to now empower the digital workplace for our customers and our partners' customers. This includes enabling our customers to work smarter, better and faster than they ever have before.

Ricoh's go-to-market strategy

Today, Ricoh is a borderless marketing organization. Employees from both Canada and the U.S. have responsibility for both markets. Our go-to-market strategy is to gravitate toward and build upon services that make sense for our customers and our partners' customers. We are focusing with a lot more clarity on the best services for our customers, knowing that not all services will be directly important to every customer.

To dive deeper on the subject, watch the podcast.
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