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Help your students access, print and share with the MFP for Education 

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College is a fast-moving, information-intensive place for students who are balancing class, work, group projects, on-campus organizations and more. They rely on technology to work for them and help them stay organized, keep up with due dates, class assignments, group meetings, discussions and more. Accessing and printing assignments, information and documents is crucial to a student’s success. 


When students need to access documents and print, they need it to be fast, easy and just plain work. Broken printers, empty paper trays and malfunctioning card readers can cause major setbacks for students.


That’s why we designed the MFPs for Education specifically for the college student and the various printing and document-sharing tasks they’ll encounter during their college careers — making information sharing one less thing for them to think about. 


Unattended printers located in campus common areas like labs and libraries can become damaged through irregular use. With our MFP’s for Education, you can help combat these mishaps and extend the life of the printer by:


Protecting paper from misuse

A sheet to scribble something on here, or an extra sheet or two there, and the consistent use of paper taken from a communal printer can really add up. With the MFP’s for Education, each of the individual paper trays are secured with a key lock — helping to keep paper in its proper place within the printer. 


Ensuring the correct paper is used

As creative as students are, not every printer is always set up to print on a their desired media. The MFP’s for Education comes equipped with lockable paper trays and a seal for the bypass tray that helps secure the paper feed sources and help prevent damage from incompatible paper — decreasing downtime and increasing equipment uptime and availability.


Keeping card readers in place

Add an optional bracket to ensure the card reader and or keyboard stay in place, so you can release documents to authorized users via a PIN, password or proxy card. Because the user who submitted the print job is present at the MFP when the output is produced, you can help keep private or confidential information secure.

With the Higher Education MFPs, students, faculty and staff can also access and share information using the Cloud Education Package. This optional tool lets users connect to popular education cloud packages such as PrintCloud, Blackboard Learn™1, Google Drive™, Microsoft® Office 365, Canvas™ and Evernote®. Help your students access the documents they need — right at their fingertips — just by touching an icon on the MFP and logging in. 


Students can:   


Store digital copies of documents. 

Access documents from any device. 

Share documents with other students and faculty. 


See how the MFPs for Education and our Cloud Connected Education solution can help you prolong the life of your on campus printers, help your students print what they need when they need it, and increase productivity in your organization. 

1 The Ricoh Scan2Learn connector is temporarily unavailable.