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4 steps to keep data safe and accessible while your team works remotely


4 steps to increase business agility for remote workers

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As businesses prepare to increase opportunities for their employees to work remotely, organizations have realized the need to respond rapidly to changes in the internal and external environment without losing momentum or vision. To continue growth and stay ahead of competitors, businesses are looking for new ways to empower their remote workforce, while keeping security top of mind and data at their fingertips.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to analyze how your remote employees are working together – from communication and collaboration, to sharing, storing and accessing information – and see where opportunities for improvement lie. 

Are you effectively managing your information and content while your employees work from multiple locations? When your employees need faster responses and easier ways of finding critical documents, do they have the tools they need?

For remote workers, these systems are no longer optional. Without these agile tools and resources, operations slow to a snail’s pace. You need the right technology that allows you to centralize your data and keep it secure while also enabling streamlined accessibility and collaboration within your team.

Here, we describe 4 actionable steps you can take to increase business agility for your remote workers while improving your current business processes – without compromising data security.

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1.) Streamline Communication with Powerful Platforms – While most businesses use email to communicate, slow responses and overflowing inboxes leads to lag time and lost correspondence. Implementing a synergistic platform that includes chat and video conferencing facilitates faster and more effective communication between remote teams, and it fosters something an agile business needs: collaboration.

2.) Empower Your Employees – Focus on empowering your teams to make informed decisions on how to optimize business processes and be aware of potential security threats, especially while they work remotely. Employees see where improvements can be made and allowing them to share their ideas can lead to greater innovation and a thriving business.

3.) Centralize Your Critical Data – Implementing document management software saves your team time with simple search features and consolidates information into secure and compliant formats. Employees can access information anywhere that has an internet connection and leads to faster approvals, reviews, and records retention policies.

4.) Make the Most of Your Investment – Get more out of your multifunction printer by adding efficient document workflow integrators that help save time and get your documents where they need to be, in the right format – simply and securely.

No matter where your teams are working, you can stay one step ahead of the competition with the tools and resources your employees need to boost productivity and agility - enabling them to work smarter.

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