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Information mobility: Why your business can’t be without it

by Julia Stuhltrager

Information mobility. Makes you think of phones, doesn’t it?

I mean, it even has the word mobility in the title. Mobility, mobile – it makes sense.

And yes, information mobility includes the world of mobile technologies. But it’s so much more than that.

What is information mobility? It’s being able to digitize decades worth of records, so you can find what you were looking for on your tablet.

It’s going to bed each night comfortable knowing that your IT infrastructure has the latest protections from hackers, viruses and trojans.

It’s waking up at 5 a.m. in a hotel room half a world away and being able to access your company’s shared drive.

It’s having the know-how to manage a team that includes a 23-year-old college grad and a 30-year company veteran so that both can succeed and be productive.

It’s being able to transform your paper and digital documents into any format you need, and then back again whether on the go or at the office.

It’s using big data systems to index, archive, organize, and understand your historical data to glean insights that could inform future decisions.

It’s about having the technology you need, understanding the new world of work, and knowing how to cut through the noise to have anywhere, anytime access to your critical business information.

That’s information mobility. And in today’s changing world, it’s what your business needs to succeed. 

The million-dollar question

So, how does my business get information mobility? The answer is as unique as your business.

Because one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. An enterprise-level company isn’t going to have the same needs as your typical small business. Every business is unique, but all share the same need – to make information work for them.

In general though, your business needs three things:

  • Technology that lets you stay connected, and gives you the ability to access, use and share information in the format you need it in – whether that’s paper or digital, video or text.

  • An engaged workforce whose needs, workstyles and idiosyncrasies are understood, to better create processes that give them the best chance to be successful.

  • Information that is securely and safely managed throughout your entire company.

For what goal? To make things easy.

To help your business grow.

To make information work for you.

That’s information mobility.

Do you have it? 

Information mobility changes everything

Workstyle innovations have revolutionized the way we work. Can your business do without it?

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