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Quick InfoGov Assessment Survey

Information Governance (InfoGov) Maturity Assessments help uncover the root cause of information-related challenges to find gaps in compliance and opportunities for risk mitigation and increased efficiencies. This quick survey is a glimpse into that process.


You should consider having a professional InfoGov Maturity Assessment conducted if you respond “I don’t know” to any of the questions below.


  1. Do you know with certainty what information you have and where it is stored?

  2. Do you know how much physical and electronic information you have at your organization?

  3. Do you know how long to keep your various records and information types?

  4. Do you know how long to keep your records and information?

  5. Do you have defined processes around data protection and information management?

  6. Can you prevent the disposal of information on legal holds?

  7. Do you have a senior leader responsible for managing information at your organization?

  8. Does your organization provide records and information management training?

  9. Is your information classified according to the benefits and risks associated with it?

  10. Have you ever been unable to find information in your organization?


Working with an InfoGov consultant will help establish a program that allows you to protect your organization’s assets and leverage them for long-term success.

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