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Information Governance for Lawyers Podcast Series

From expert interviews to best practices, this podcast series outlines different aspects of Information Governance to give lawyers a resource for getting an information governance program started in their organization.

The series starts with a broad overview, then interviews two field experts who dive into their real-world experiences, especially regarding big data, data security, eDiscovery, and litigation readiness.

Talk with an expert to start your own InfoGov program

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Episode 1: Information Governance for Lawyers 

Hear from two industry experts as they discuss why Information Governance is relevant and essential for legal teams to streamline their organizations litigation preparedness – and how such readiness ultimately reduces the costs of litigation, saving both time and money.

Episode 2: Ask the Expert

In this episode, we “ask the expert,” about the importance of Information Governance programs for legal teams. Information governance consultant Kedar Thakkar is joined by former attorney and InfoGov practitioner Andrew Spett to answer specific questions about how an information governance program can prove a make-or-break situation for legal teams and organizations.

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Episode 3: From the Field

An interview with our consultant, Kiersten McAvoy, discusses how lawyers can maximize an information governance program for their benefit to streamline litigation, and reduce the time, effort, and resources (including financial) needed to deliver the best results for their organization and/or clients.


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