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IDC Market Note: Learn more about automating mail services

Turn your mail center into a strategic player

Read the IDC Market Note, "Ricoh Takes the Next Step in Automating Mail Services"

According to the United States Postal Service, approximately 6 billion pieces of mail go undelivered every year, which is roughly 4% of all outbound mail. The cost of handling all of that undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail is staggering, weighing in at $1.2 billion. Harder to quantify, however – although no less significant – is the cost of the disconnect that results when mail doesn't reach its recipient: wasted time, lost revenue and missed opportunities.

Return Mail Services are designed to help protect those valuable customer relationships. A subscription-based service that can be delivered onsite or offsite, Return Mail Services provide businesses with a repeatable handling process for UAA mail that automates the process of collecting, storing, sorting and delivering. In addition, the platform offers analytics that increase transparency by tracking the true cost of return-to-sender mail by line of business, PO Box or document type.

To learn more about Return Mail Services and their potential to deliver greater value, read the IDC Market Note, "Ricoh Takes the Next Step in Automating Mail Services."