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How to overcome today’s toughest marketing asset management challenges

Now more than ever, companies need to focus on fostering strong relationships with their customers.

According to a report from MarketingProfs, 87 percent of consumers want meaningful relationships with brands. [1] Today, it is imperative that companies improve how they manage their various marketing assets in order to continue fostering strong relationships with their audiences. This, all while protecting their brand and assuring compliance on heavily regulated industries.

Juggling these opposing objectives can be frustrating. Fortunately, technology can help with many marketing asset management challenges.

Challenge 1: Scattered collateral

You provide collateral for a team of sales reps across the country. Each rep requests custom marketing materials on a regular basis. Often, a simple wording change or new contact information is all that’s required. However, when hundreds of reps request small edits daily, the task can become unmanageable.

Let’s solve it

A repository of assets allows field reps to download documents instantly. This self-service function is a boon to reps, who can peruse collateral, pick and choose what they need, and personalize names and messaging.

Challenge 2: Compliance

Compliance issues in heavily regulated industries, such as banking and utilities, can create havoc. For example, when new laws are passed, marketing materials must be updated to avoid the risk of lawsuits and fines. If you’ve had to track down and update hundreds of assets, you know it’s no small task.

Let’s solve it

Keep marketing assets in a digitized, centralized location, which facilitates identifying and pulling materials. You can then create batch updates to areas like the disclaimer across hundreds of assets at one time. Laws may require only a specific set of materials be updated in a specific language. These files can be edited without going through a full translation process.

Challenge 3: Rogue assets

Building a brand is expensive and crucial to the reputation of your company. When field reps are in a hurry for collateral for in-person events, they may create rogue marketing pieces. The off-brand messaging, quirky graphics, and out-of-date information pop up in online and offline channels and undermine the integrity of the brand.

Let’s solve it

Manage branded, customizable materials by storing them in a cloud-based platform to ensure that assets reside in one, easily accessible location, eliminating the need to create original materials and ensuring that the right messaging and content are being shared in the marketplace. The rep can customize material, but the brand manager or his designee will be notified to ensure the alterations meet brand standards.

To find the right marketing asset management tool for your business, prioritize the challenges you face everyday. Will a single-purpose tool fill the bill, or do you need a robust system that handles a variety of challenges?

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  1. 1. The Cure for Your Brand Asset Headaches. Marcom Central. October 2015.