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For long-term growth, consider wide-format printing

For cutsheet printers, breaking down the divide between cutsheet and wide format can drive big gains.

The world of commercial print has long been divided. On one side, there were the cutsheet printers; on the other, the wide-format printing shops. However, in today’s changing work environment, business growth is more important than ever. Integrating wide-format printing into commercial shops to support that growth is not only effective but sustainable and low maintenance. In this trend report, we explore just why that is, covering:
  • The rise of latex inks, and how it is helping commercial shops adopt wide format.
  • How downward price pressure on resources crucial to many creative applications has lowered the barrier to entry.
  • Why wide format will continue to carry high margins, even as getting into the wide-format space becomes easier and more affordable.

The Wide Form Trend Report outlines how your shop could benefit from adding wide-format printing capabilities.

How can your shop benefit from wide-format printing?

Integrating wide format into commercial shops to support growth is not only effective but sustainable and low maintenance.

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