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Enhance your employee experience with Intelligent Lockers

by Steve Cousins

Enterprise campuses are quite a different scene than in years past, with a steady stream of employees and guests coming and going. Today's employees are increasingly mobile, working from the office, home, coffee shops, client locations and everywhere in-between on both work-issued and personal devices. Making sure their mail and packages follow them is no small feat.

Getting mail and packages into the intended recipient's hands (or what's often referred to as “the last mile") can be quite a headache for both corporations and their employees. When large businesses receive packages for their mobile workforce, the recipients are sometimes forced to wait in lines, work around the mail center's hours and even check in multiple times with staff to check the status of a single package. This wastes everyone's time, causes stress on mail center staff, and can prohibit employees from getting access to critical information in a timely manner. These inefficiencies both erode the employee experience and also heighten the risk that sensitive information gets left on the wrong desk or disrupts the employee's preferred workflow by requiring them to go to the office to retrieve their package.

Restore sender confidence

When a business associate or vendor sends a time-sensitive file or package, or ships something online, they want to know that it will reach their intended recipient on time and intact. However, a common complaint among vendors and business partners is that documents or packages spent days lost in the mail center or never arrived at all, despite paying for expedited shipping in some cases.

With Intelligent Locker solutions, once a package is scanned and placed into the Intelligent Locker, an automatically generated email or text message notifies the employee that they have a package waiting. These automation processes reduce the amount of time a package spends in the corporate mail center and decreases the number of times the package changes hands — resulting in a shorter, more accurate chain of custody.

Get efficient and convenient package pickup

Send instant notifications and get packages into employees' hands fast with this electronic locker system. See how you can get your employees their packages quicker and more efficiently with Intelligent Locker solutions. You can also contact us today.