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Managing the risks of ransomware with the continued growth of digital documents

Documents in the Digital Workplace  

Get the details and see how to protect your data. 
Ransomware attacks remain a constant threat to organizations of every size. And the increased drive to digital documents only puts more data at risk.
What can a company do?
Ricoh teamed up with research firm Aberdeen for an analysis in 1) the growth of digital documents, and 2) the risk posed by cyber threats – specifically ransomware – to the valuable business data they contain.


The findings put the reality of data, documents, and digital into a clear perspective. The report titled, “Documents in the Digital Workplace: Enable the Opportunities, and Manage the Risks of Ransomware and Data Breaches,” shares key information like:

  • Leading inhibitors of technology investment
  • How valuable the data in your digital documents really is
  • How to assess your risks of ransomware attack and strategies to protect your data
You can view the report for the full details. 

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