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Business continuity and your remote workforce

A DocuWare webinar series on how to be agile and stay productive

Our workplace has changed dramatically

More mobile workers and a larger remote workforce challenge our traditional ways of doing business. Fortunately, you can evolve your business quickly with a document management system and keep your business moving, your employees productive, and customers’ needs met.
This free on-demand webinar series presented by DocuWare explores how to keep your business productive, no matter where your people work. Questions? Want to see how to put document management to work for you? Please contact us today! 

Ensure continuity of mail delivery with digital mailrooms

Getting paper mail delivered to a remote work force is a big challenge for businesses. Time-sensitive legal, financial, HR and other business documents must reach their recipients in a timely manner. In this webinar, you’ll find out how to build a digital mailroom, manage technical limitations of remote workers, maintain compliance and data security, and use advanced routing to ensure continuity.

More accessible + more organized = more productive

Working from home creates challenges for accessing documents and information. Slow VPN connections to access network file shares can impact productivity. Cloud document management systems overcome this challenge only needing a browser for access. As a centralized, structured repository, files stay organized. In this webinar, you’ll see how DocuWare Cloud supports your productivity.

Build one-minute digital workflows

With DocuWare, you can set up ad-hoc workflows in one minute, complete with Send Requests, DocuWare Lists, and Stamps, to save time and reduce manual tasks. This webinar will also share how to route documents for approval, use lists to keep your team reviewing the correct documents and processes moving efficiently, and see how to use Stamps to re-create manual processes digitally.

The importance of e-signatures in a changing business landscape

Electronic signatures provide authenticated, time-stamped and legally accepted signatures on digital documents. E-signatures also keep business moving when mobile and remote workers need orders submitted, contracts signed, and other business documents authorized. Watch this webinar to see how e-signatures support sales, operations, and HR professionals work when on the go.
May 27, 2-2:30 p.m. EDT

Support remote employees with a secured cloud document solution

Many businesses choose DocuWare Cloud over on-premise document solutions. In this webinar, we share how this cloud solution keeps data secured and compliant, moves documents through automated workflows, and gives authorized employees access to information – wherever they work. You’ll also see how you can file and share documents from your smartphone or mobile device.

Simplify email archiving and management with automation

DocuWare Connect to Outlook and Connect to Mail (for Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail) make managing email and attachments simple. You work in your email client to store, organize, and search without a need to go back and forth between applications. In this webinar, you will see how to pull information quickly to answer customer and vendor questions, find emails and related documents fast, and much more.

A look at how DocuWare stores documents with easy, secured access

At the office or home office, knowing you can find, retrieve, and share information as needed empowers you and your teams. With DocuWare, you can search vertically and horizontally for documents, store securely from multiple sources including direct from Microsoft Office®, and automate new folder creation. In this webinar, see how businesses use DocuWare to store and retrieve with fewer clicks.