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7 steps toward successful technology adoption across the insurance enterprise


See how insurers can automate to meet marketplace demands by embracing interoperability and managing technology adoption as an organizational change.

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Today’s insurance industry leaders face intense pressure to achieve enterprise-wide workflow automation. They understand that to stay competitive and profitable, they must streamline their operations and improve both their employee and customer experiences. They know, too, that breaking down the silos within their organization — those internal divisions between individuals, functional areas, and lines of business — is critical to achieving their automation goals.

“Insurance companies with high interoperability will experience growth exceeding 82% over the next five years.”¹

-Accenture Consulting

Meanwhile, the need to evolve continues to take on greater urgency, driven by an unmanageable volume of data, heightened security threats, growing regulations, a shrinking IT workforce, and competition from digitally savvy insurtechs, among others.

Can breaking down silos, viewing tech adoption as a true, organizational change, and placing the focus on people instead of technology, bring insurers closer to their transformation goals? That’s what we’re going to explore.

7 steps toward successful automation

Adopting technology is an organizational change

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