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Enhancing the Citizen Experience

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A common occurrence in state and local governments is the use of outdated, disparate systems that result in a lower level of service and a poor customer experience. It's time for government to enhance the citizen experience and create a single portal where citizens can access all of their information and records at one time.

Citizens' experience with antiquated government infrastructure is often both frustrating and underwhelming — leaving citizens with a lack of trust and transparency in their government. The problem is that customer experience programs in government generally lack enterprise-wide consistency across all human touchpoints. Rather than continue to create disparate systems, state and local governments now strive to provide one single portal or view of the citizen that enables various government agencies to act as one entity. All state documents, government agency records — any contact a citizen has with a government entity can now be stored in a single portal. In doing so, citizens must be central to the creation of digital government solutions which need to be tracked and measured to ensure their effectiveness.

Use our hybrid cloud technology and receive a full range of services from the "do-it-yourself" model to a full Ricoh managed model — enabling you to chose the level of service you need. Our Managed Cloud Services can help you create a custom solution that addresses your specific requirements in a secured, flexible, scalable, and intuitive environment using hybrid cloud technology. Additionally, Sitecore — a powerful web content management service — offers analytics capabilities that can help you create a more personalized experience for your users. Now you can serve up the right content in the right format at the right time, based on powerful individual user analytics capabilities.

Furthermore, RICOH Analytics Services create a single point of data aggregation from an array of data sources. Now you can focus on the process of finding and determining relevant data, aggregating and modeling that data and using it on an ongoing basis to pinpoint data driven savings and improvement opportunities. Once you have identified the confidential data, Ricoh's Digital Rights Management Services and Solutions can help secure it. We offer one of the few options available to help protect sensitive information when it's at rest, in use and in transit. Our goal is to enable you to stay in control of your sensitive information.


Services and solutions

  • Managed Cloud Services

    Get hybrid cloud services specifically designed for your unique security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements. Now you can expand from on-premise into an easy-to-manage private or public cloud.                              

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  • Web Content Management Services

    Leverage the power of Sitecore® and Sitecore® Analytics so that your website will display personalized content to the right user at the right time, using powerful individual user analytics capabilities.

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  • RICOH Analytics

    As a result of this service, we focus on the process of identifying relevant data, aggregating and modeling that data and applying ongoing analysis to identify data driven savings and improvement opportunities.                                               

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  • Digital Rights Management

    After identifying the sensitive data you'd like to keep safe, we deploy monitoring and protection functionality to help safeguard your data.

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  • Cyber Security Services

    Help mitigate risk and easily recover from data breaches by always staying one step ahead of cyber criminals.                           

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  • File Analysis Services

    Get affordable and enhanced data protection that will help reduce expenses and security risks before and after content migration.

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