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enabling shared services

Enabling Shared Services

A lack of transparency and trust in state and local governments puts pressure on CIOs to improve the poor customer awareness culture within their organizations. For this reason, many agencies are turning to shared services to cut down costs and to build a better customer experience.

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Enable government agencies to join their services and departments with one another to improve the customer experience.

enabling shared services
Shared services is a business model that is centered around the customer and put in place to rebuild trust between citizens and local government. It allows city and state governments to facilitate the joining of different services and/or departments — rather than owning a bunch of disparaged systems. In order to make this happen, agencies must improve their back end system to properly connect to one another. When done correctly, shared services hold the potential for faster decision making, more information policy making and improved resource alignment with agency missions and goals.

Our Cloud & IT Services offer a managed service model where we can help oversee and maintain enterprise cloud services, infrastructure services, data transformation services and IT systems. As a result, your company resources will now have the time to focus on strategic agency missions. Specifically, our IT Project Based Services can assist SLG customers with the planning, preparation and execution of large or small IT projects so that they are done within budget, correctly and on time.

With so much technology available at our fingertips, it's no wonder government agencies have difficulty knowing what technology will work best for their needs. Our Technology Support Services help government put the right technology in place, optimize the technologies and simplify device management for employees. What's more, RICOH Service Advantage enables government organizations to leverage our extensive network of resources to deliver exceptional services to your customers without the typical required up-front capital costs.

Services and solutions

  • Cloud and IT Services

    From enterprise cloud services to infrastructure services and even data transformation services — we've got you covered. Now you can protect your data with Ricoh owned and operated world class data centers in addition to getting backup strategies and IT management for your most critical applications.

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  • IT Project Support Services

    Bridge the gaps in your IT skill set while relieving time constraints and resource availability. We can supplement your team with skilled IT project staff, or scope and deliver an entire IT project.                                                                                                                                            

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  • Technology Support Services

    Often organizations have trouble determining which is the best technology for their specific business needs. In addition, the time spent managing and maintaining devices can get in the way of employee productivity. Partner with Ricoh and we can help you put the right technologies in place.

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  • RICOH Service Advantage

    We enable organizations to leverage our global network of more than 25,000 trained field technicians, located in more than 200 countries to deliver exceptional service to your customers — all without the up-front capital costs required to expand your own service organization.

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  • RICOH Application Administrator Services

    Let us manage the complexities of your software's performance. Our team of knowledgeable software professionals monitor, troubleshoot and customize your applications — all for a small monthly fee.                                                                                      

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