Focus on value and performance to achieve retail operational excellence. Our retail experts and digital solutions can help you increase efficiency, improve customer experience and manage information in ways that lower cost and reduce risk. 


Opportunities abound for retailers to improve efficiency and customer experience (CX), but without digital capabilities you can’t take advantage of them. Manual processes, for example, slow down customer service, raise the risk of errors and increase costs. If your data isn’t well organized, you may not be able to act as quickly as you’d like to launch a marketing campaign or support multi-channel retailing. Our solutions help address these and other areas of your business that may be inhibiting brand growth.

Consider Digitization and Data Processing Services, which focus on reducing manual and redundant processes, and on helping you figure out the best approach to organizing, storing and protecting your data, whether that's in-house, in the cloud or a combination.

Your customers expect personalized interactions, consistent messaging no matter what channel they’re using, and flexible purchase and payment options. Document Composition as a Service and Production Print & Mail Services provide capabilities to improve customer engagement and response while streamlining communications and lowering postal costs.

Above all, it's important to safeguard your business and sensitive customer data. Cyber Security Services provides a tailored cyber security strategy and solutions that incorporate your compliance requirements. 

Services and solutions

  • Digitization and Data Processing Services 

    Modernize your retail operations by organizing and storing digital content in formats mandated for compliance. 

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  • Cost Management

    Trim back-office costs by preventing waste associated with printing and by implementing a centralized print management solution. 

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  • Production Print & Mail Services

    Streamline print and mail processes to shorten payment cycles and maximize mail discounts, or shift to a predictable OpEx strategy. 

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  • Document Composition as a Service

    Manage CX starting with document design and creation. Ensure consistency channel to channel while enabling preference management and personalized messaging. 

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  • Electronic Bill Presentment, Payment & Accessibility

    Allow your customers to view and pay statements their way. An EBPP strategy encompasses paper, e-billing, mobile and ADA-compliant access. 

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  • File Analysis Services

    Lower risk and cost associated with unstructured content like texts, emails and photos. Reduce data redundancies and establish audit trails. 

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  • Digital Rights Management 

    Safeguard sensitive information in stores, in transit or in repositories with data security policies and monitoring and security functions. 

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  • Cyber Security Services 

    Assess your assets and vulnerabilities with an eye to your compliance requirements. Customized security strategies help stop cyber criminals. 

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  • eDiscovery Services

    Acquire defensible, auditable processes for litigation, due diligence and other eDiscovery situations. Engage our experts, patented technology and cloud-based approaches. 

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