Your retail workforce is your most valuable asset. Keep employees engaged and productive by creating a modern, digitally enabled workplace. 

Your employees can make or break the customer experience, which some believe is the most important component of brand growth. By reducing as many internal points of friction as possible, you’ll pave the way for your workers to be productive and satisfied ― qualities that influence how they interact with customers.

This effort often begins with data. Paper forms, for example, can be overwhelming, not to mention unsecure and error-prone. Other data may reside only in certain offices or stores, leading to delayed or incomplete communications. Our Advanced Document Capture Services digitizes data and turns it into searchable, editable and sharable information. Enterprise Content Management Services provides a central repository for all types of content, with automated workflows and access controls. You’ll improve collaboration, speed document approvals and gather accurate data for analysis.

In an industry as dynamic as retail is right now, it can be challenging for your IT staff to keep up with websites, new store openings, network operations, data center upgrades and so on. With IT Management & Support Services, you can refocus your staff on strategic issues while we take care of day-to-day tasks like providing help desk services and managing your servers and storage.

With Collaboration Services, you can strengthen teamwork while cutting travel costs related to meetings, training sessions and product demonstrations. Enable remote access from anywhere using technologies that help safeguard sensitive information.

Services and solutions

  • Enterprise Content Management Services 

    Organize and store data in one place. Automate workflow processes so your employees can do their jobs better and faster. 

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  • IT Management & Support Services

    Improve workforce productivity with outsourced IT support for back-office systems like retail invoicing, identity access management, data centers and more. 

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  • Advanced Document Capture Services 

    Move away from paper and paper-based processes. Leverage ECMs, cloud-based services like Google Drive and automatic data backup. 

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  • Managed Cloud Services

    Control IT spending. Open new stores quickly. Accelerate your growth with public, private or hybrid cloud solutions. 

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  • Forms Management Services 

    Eliminate preprinted forms by converting AP/AR, lease and other paper forms to editable e-forms, and speed approvals with e-signatures. 

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  • Device Management 

    Improve retail asset management and printer utilization with technologies that track devices, configure devices remotely, enhance document security and more. 

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  • Intelligent Locker Services 

    Store workers' belongings or small assets such as scanners that can be checked in & out using employee badges or smartphones. 

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  • Intelligent Delivery

    Speed retail collaboration and communication with trackable, digital mail delivery that is compliance-friendly. 

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  • Collaboration Services

    Connect corporate offices, stores, warehouses and distribution centers via video conferencing, interactive digital whiteboards and other services. 

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