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Discover a digital transformation framework that can make intelligent manufacturing even smarter


In response to marketplace disruptions occurring across a variety of industries, companies are seeking new ways to collaborate and improve operational efficiency. For manufacturers, this means transforming their factories into digital workplaces that provide employees, partners and customers with the resources and processes they need to work smarter and innovate faster.

Driven by smart devices and the proliferation of digital technologies, employee and customer expectations are changing rapidly. Employees can quickly become disengaged if they don't have workplace technologies that enable them to be productive — making it more difficult to meet customer demands for a greater variety of product choices and more intimate customer service experiences.
Your digital transformation journey should focus on providing employees with the speed to act and flexibility needed to keep customers happy and help you move ahead of the competition. Many new technologies are making it easier for employees to innovate — enabling you to bring new products to market faster. This is the case for competitors as well, so utilizing digitalization to speed up internal processes and increase productivity is a necessity if you want to outpace your competition with more innovative products and a better customer experience.
Ricoh can help you navigate your digital transformation journey more effectively with our portfolio of digital workplace solutions. Our goal is to provide your team with insights that can help align your digital transformation with your business strategy.

Services and solutions

  • Business Process Outsourcing Services

    Create a more intelligent manufacturing plant by digitizing manufacturing data and automating processes — helping to increase productivity and provide your team with more agility and speed to act.

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  • Enterprise Content Management & Workflow Services

    Help your team capture, manage, store, retrieve and share information quickly and easily by organizing and storing digital manufacturing data in a centralized repository ― empowering you to automate workflows, create audit trails and more.

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  • Cloud & IT Services

    From project based services and traditional IT management to managed hosting services and data analytics, our Cloud and IT services are designed to help you reduce IT costs by eliminating local servers and provide IT staff with more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

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  • Workplace Productivity Services

    Empower your manufacturing plant workforce and remote employees to collaborate more efficiently with digital technologies that make sharing innovative ideas easier while also helping you maximize your factory floor space.

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