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Healthcare payors

Driving improvements in the healthcare payor process

With so many involved in healthcare payor claims – providers, insurers, members, agents, the process features many potential points for error. Process improvements including automation and intelligent data capture reduce risk and streamline workflows to improve the experience for you and your members.

Business solutions for healthcare payors

Reduce data entry errors and speed processing

Intelligent document processing (IDP) of an intelligent capture solution reduces risks of data entry errors and accelerates claims processing through automated workflows that help to manage critical inbound and outbound communications.

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Build a practice of operational resiliency

Lower operational spending with digitized data and flexible automated insurance workflows to create greater operational resiliency around healthcare claims management and policy processing.

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Innovate new experiences and engage members

Improve member enrollment and retention by managing applications, onboarding, welcome kits, records, claims processing, and multi-channel communications, all through one platform with automated workflows.

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Insights and customer stories

Creating member experience for the next generation
Creating member experience for the next generationArticles

Creating member experience for the next generation

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Evolving the claims management process
Evolving the claims management processArticles

Evolving the claims management process

Today, insurers must automate their claims management processes to attract and retain customers.

Managing risk through AI-powered automation
Managing risk through AI-powered automationeBooks

Managing risk through AI-powered automation

See how technology is helping to mitigate the impact of risk for insurance companies.