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Healthcare Claims Management


The speed and accuracy of healthcare claims management rely substantially on your infrastructure and workflows. When you replace paper-based processes with digital data and automated workflows, you can reduce operational spending and improve efficiency.

We understand the complexity of your claims management process. You need to capture information and process documents that you receive from members and providers related to medical claims, pre-approvals, appeals and grievances. Paper-based processes are slow and error-prone, and they drive up labor costs. By digitizing information at the start of a process and by transforming manual work steps into flexible, automated processes, you pave the way for improving efficiency, reducing errors and lowering operational spending.

Gain a leap in productivity when our Business Process Outsourcing Services experts provide digitization and data processing functions, including scanning paper documents and organizing your digital content. Readily available real-time data allows you to focus on analytics and strategic decision making.

Eliminate expensive preprinted forms by turning paper forms into editable e-forms with Forms Management Services. Capture more efficiencies and cost savings with Records Management Solutions that take into account business information risk, disaster recovery and eDiscovery readiness.

Simplify updates to claim forms and related documents. It's expensive and time consuming to have your IT group write new code every time or to cycle through graphic design iterations. Document Composition as a Service provides version controls and automates approval steps while keeping your staff and software current with internal and external compliance requirements.

Services & solutions

  • Claims Processing

    Streamline and manage claims efficiently by turning slow, manual procedures into smart, fast digital processes that simplify reporting and compliance.                                                                                                         

  • Advanced Document Capture Services

    Reduce the cost and frustration of managing paper documents. Work with digital data that's automatically classified, sorted, indexed and tagged.                                         

  • Business Process Outsourcing Services

    et our experts work behind the scenes to help you digitize and manage information efficiently and effectively.                                                                      

  • Document Composition as a Service

    Add version controls, approval processes and security while keeping your staff and software current with internal and external compliance requirements.                                             

  • Customer Communications Management & Mail Services

    Streamline mail management and outsource print management to facilitate cost-effective internal and external communications.                                                      

  • Forms Management Services

    Turn paper forms of all types into editable e-forms. Automate review and approval steps. Eliminate expensive preprinted forms.                                                                                                                 

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