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Higher Education Workflow Solutions to Automate Manual Administration Tasks

Optimize processes for smart university administration operations.

It's not the work administration is doing that causes inefficiencies, it's how they do the work. Manual processes bog down departments and slow workflows — ultimately leading to poor student experiences. And when unstructured data is located in decentralized repositories across various departments throughout your institution, administration is forced to create data redundancies that increase the risk of submitting inaccurate data during compliance regulation procedures. With Ricoh's University Workflow Solutions, you can increase productivity, enhance the student experience and improve the integrity of your information by digitizing and centralizing content, automating processes, and using smart data to gain the insights you need.

Increase productivity by streamlining information

Reduce costs with process automation

Get the insights you need with smart data

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Modernize your registrar's office to support student success

Learn three ways to modernize your registrar's office — including using digital forms and automated processes — to help improve student outcomes.

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Case study: Algonquin College

Discover how Ricoh's Laserfiche document management solution helped the Algonquin College registrar's office increase productivity and reduce paper consumption.

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